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Mental Health Insurance

When buying health insurance, one sector of coverage that may arise can be Mental Health Insurance. Although policies fluctuate across the board, there is some basic information about mental health care that is necessary to know. This especially includes mental health care services that are offered by health companies.

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Companies that offer Behavioral Health Services

Most importantly when dealing with mental health issues, it is imperative to retrieve professional counseling as soon as symptoms may arise. Fortunately, one company that does offer services that are available within insurance plans is Cigna Behavioral Health. They recommend to get help on the early side of physiological illness. Cigna Behavioral Health Care is used for long term mental illness or substance abuse. Counseling services are also available through Cigna, however additional co-payments are required. Overall, CBH offers services such as Employee Assistance Programs, Behavioral health management, Life Events programs and Disability management programs.

The goal of Cigna is to keep your insurance consistent and up to date. Behavioral health management verifies that your benefit plan is being administered as you had planned when buying insurance. Life Events programs offer a variety of references and resources for services including financial services, childcare and senior care. Disability management programs help members with consistent diagnosis, treatment and positive return-to-work strategies..

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

One of the most popular services within Cigna is EAPs. With mental health issues, problems can arise and escalate quite quickly. For this reason, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are used in business to help encourage employees to seek early intervention to prevent health issues from escalating into more costly circumstances. EAPs are good for initial and short term treatment and to maximize the value of your insurance benefits.

Everyone deals with problems differently, and sometimes, problems arise to level that we cannot solve on out own. Through Employee Assistance Programs, counselors are available to those insured. Employers believe that EAP programs are good for their business because it keeps problems out of the office and employees are happier and willing to word harder most of the time.

Employee Assistance Programs can handle a large spectrum of issues including emotional, family, marital, legal or stress related problems. Considering EAP’s in your health insurance plans can be very helpful to keep problems to a minimum and employees happy.

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